As amended 29th August 2012.

1) Title the organisation will be known as the Pug Breed Council hereinafter referred to as the Breed Council.

2) Objectives
a) to maintain the Pug according to the standard approved by the Kennel Club and to make general recommendations thereon to the general Committee of the Kennel Club.
b) to compile annually a common Breed Club/Council Judges List.
c) to consider matters referred to it by the General Committee of the Kennel Club and the Breed Clubs.
d) the Breed Council is a consultative body and shall not have executive powers.

3) Representation Two representatives from each Breed Club. Each representative shall retire after three years, but is eligible for re-election. The Chairman may be elected for a maximum of two consecutive three year terms.

Each Breed Club Committee is responsible for the election of its own representatives. Should a representative resign before completing his/her term of office the Breed Club Committee may nominate another representative. The newly appointed representative’s term of office shall commence at the first meeting of the Council following his/her appointment.

At its first meeting of the year, the Breed Council shall elect from amongst its members a Chairman for that year and shall appoint a Secretary/Treasurer who will have no voting rights.

4) Quorum At any meeting a quorum shall consist of four representatives with a minimum of three Clubs present.

5) Voting Resolutions shall be carried by a simple majority, in the case of equality, the Chairman shall have an independent casting vote.

6) Meetings A minimum of one meeting is to be held each year. Two months before the proposed meeting date, the Breed Council Secretary will ask the Breed Club Secretaries for any items to be included on the Agenda. Only items already on the Agenda, or items requested by the Kennel Club are to be discussed. Twenty eight days notice of meetings are to be given to the representatives. The Council shall decide the time and place of the next meeting. The date of the following meeting is to be agreed at the previous meeting by Breed Council members.

7) Subscriptions The Breed Council is a non profit making organisation. Each Breed Club shall pay an annual levy based on current expenses. Further contributions may be considered, such contributions to be shared equally between member Breed Clubs.

Contributions shall be due before the 31st. March annually. Failure to comply will result in the suspension of voting rights of the Club concerned.

8) Accounts The financial year of the Breed Council shall run from the 1st. January to the 31st. December. Proper accounts shall be kept by the Secretary/Treasurer. Cheques will require two authorised signatures, one of the Chairman and the other the Secretary/Treasurer. The accounts shall be examined by the Treasurers of two of the member Breed Clubs, to be nominated annually.

9) Amendments The Breed Council cannot amend or alter its Constitution without the prior agreement of the majority of the member breed Clubs and the approval of the general Committee of the Kennel Club.

10) Returns The Breed Council shall submit to the general Committee of the Kennel Club by the 31st. July annually, a copy of its current Constitution, incorporating all approved amendments, the names of its Breed Clubs, the names and addresses of its officers, a copy of the Judges Lists and a copy of the annual statement of Accounts.

11) Final Authority In the event of any dispute or difference arising within the Breed Council, the Kennel Club shall be the final authority.

12) Dissolution The General Committee of the Kennel Club shall have the power to dissolve the Breed Council by giving notice to the Secretary of the Council or to the Secretaries of the Breed Clubs.